October 19, 2019

Revolutionize union member health & welfare

It's time for a system which can connect to members before they even begin their first shift

It's time for a system which can impact member health & welfare inside and outside of your health insurance plan

It's time for a system centered on member health & welfare

It's time for a revolution in the way we support member health & welfare

Far too many organizations have been putting the emphasis on the wrong sy-label. Unions and employers negotiate great benefits, and then bury them behind great firewall of eligibility rules an open enrollment, which not all members can climb

Eligibility rules exist for good reasons, for high-cost insurance benefits like major medical, yet are too often applied to all benefits, so even low cost and no cost benefits which could improve member health are either only provided to eligible members or provided completely independent of the health plan--neither of which are ideal for your population's well-being

It's time for a revolution!

It's time for a system which can connect to members before they even begin their first shift.

It's time for a system which can impact member health & welfare inside and outside of your health insurance plan.

It's time for a system centered on member health & welfare.

It's time to SOAR AHEAD.

For nearly 100 years health insurance has been at the center of driving population health in America, which in 1942 was significantly expanded as a worker benefit and successful in extending longevity as Americans were able to earn good health benefits for their hard work. So much so, in 1965 Medicare and Medicaid were created for those not getting health insurance via America's workplace.

Then in 1966 we began an emphasis on primary care to better manage health insurance, codified in 1973 with the marriage of primary and preventive care to insurance payment, in the form of HMO's, followed by the first PPO in 1980 making health maintenance the center point of all health insurance plans. While policymakers called for member-centered care in 2010, insurers and providers still remain in the driver's seat

So, it is us who must pick up the mantle, and shift the focal point of health maintenance beyond just their insurance coverage for our members to SOAR AHEAD.

Let's analyze

Over the last 100 years per-capita health care costs have expanded for a variety of reasons, more treatments, people living longer, and better treatments; but along the way there were multiple tipping points resulting in shifting costs to workers and excluding treatments which have grown as prices increase, treatments are delayed, and fewer people pay into a system which is working less and less effectively.

We all count on health insurance to keep us from going bankrupt if we suffer a major illness, have a child, or are in an accident, as well as to have affordable access a doctor to stay healthy. While there are reasonable gate keeping mechanisms to keep health insurance plans stable and successful.

However in our quest to make health insurance better, we have not been focus on the well-being of our entire population and as we implement services which could help all members. Too often we limit them to insurance plan members only. The great open enrollment system we use to manage health insurance access, has become a gigantic wall blocking many members from seeking even the most basic of non-insured benefits, simply out of a fiduciary duty to plan members, which legally trumps the duty unions and employers have to all their members, creating a big disconnect for members when they are not eligible for their health insurance plan

Let's Plan

  • We can change this today by expanding systems to serve all members.
  • We can continue to change and improve by allocating some contributions to low-cost, high-return benefits for all members.
  • We can do this without disrupting what is working, but by optimizing what we have by integrating all data and interfaces, analyzing all data points, automating mission critical workflows, and add what is needed.
  • We can achieve the triple aim of health care, enhance experiences, improve outcomes, and lower per-capita costs both inside and outside health insurance plans.
  • Too many members are in distress

There are dozens of low-cost, high return benefits, which all members should be able to enjoy, and this is one example of a low-cost, high return benefit, all members should be able to enjoy:

Maria Member and Jen Newbie are at work and both feeling under the weather. Steve Steward suggests Maria use her telemedicine benefit, so she calls a doctor who orders a z-pack at her pharmacy and by her next shift she is already feeling better.

Nancy, just hired, asks Steve if she has the same telemedicine benefit and he says 'no, you are not eligible yet'. Nancy doesn't have a doctor, worked her next shift, infected 5 co-workers, went home early with pneumonia and was fired after missing 3 consecutive days.

Maria's telemedicine call saved the plan over $200 compared to an urgent care visit and the benefit fund never even knew Nancy existed.

Are you ready to change?

  • We need to connect with members even before they begin their first shift and remain in constant contact with them for life.
  • We will use AI-driven robotic process automation to guide members to select, enroll and access all of their health & welfare benefits no matter what it takes and should a member ever lose eligibility for benefit, we will be there to guide them to alternatives for a smooth transition.
  • We now have the technology to support members for life, not just while they are eligible for funded benefits.
  • We can ensure collectively bargained terms and health & Welfare plan designs are followed precisely every time to optimize member access to benefits
  • We are mobile-enabling all interactions with members to support any aspect of health & welfare benefit administration
  • We are delivering all members benefits via a unified system no matter how or where a member wants them and we can customize the system for your members and organization

We just need you to join us so we can integrate, automate, analyze, and engage so we can all SOAR AHEAD.

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